2013-06-18 | 2013-06-19

Šibenik (Croatia) - Meeting

First intermediate meeting of Intermodal Project

The meeting, as programming, took place in Šibenik, Croatia during June 18-19, 2013.
Participants of the meeting were beneficiary partners from Italy, Croatia and Albania and some of their external experts.

Please find the list here:
List of participants
Meeting minutes

During the meeting the participants discussed about the outcomes, results and general management of the project.
WP4: Regione Puglia Presentation
WP2: Mobility Days Presentation
Management LB Presentation
WP3: DUNEA State of Art Presentation
RER Presentation

The meeting was organized by City of Šibenik and consisted in three sessions. 

Next meeting will be held in Split, Croatia during September 2013.