2013-07-29 | 2013-07-29

Albania - Local Mobility Board Meeting

Ministry of Public Works and Transport/ Department of Integration and IPA Management Funds

Ministry of Public Works and Transport held on 29 July 2013 an open meeting on Intermodal Transport in Albania. This was the next meeting after the establishment of "Local Mobility Board " - on 13 June 2013 , within the project "INTERmodality model for the development of the Adriatic Littoral zone " ( intermodal ), co- IPA Adriatic Cross border Cooperation 2007-2013 and the Government of Albania.

Participants at this meeting focused on the broad interest of the initiative of this activity in the field of transport and tourism. They see great value of this Board to discuss the issues, tourism priorities and possible solutions can be found to run them further to stakeholders and relevant authorities to take various legislative measures. The goals of the project to provide the best solutions to facilitate transport in the Adriatic tourist area, especially during summer is of high importance in tourism management and development in the coastal area of the Adriatic. Therefore, consultation with the partners involved in this Board serves to Intermodal cooperation on transport, implementation and identification of best practices to promote intermodal effectiveness of local transport systems.

This Local Mobility Board will serve solving numerous problems of local urban transport in identification of priority issues and concerns associated with local transport and providing solutions to facilitate the traffic created during the touristic season. Lack of different transport solutions, as currently is only the bus transport, requires different solutions as tram which serves not only to move around the city even links to other cities. The use of bicycles in the city is one of the best intermodal solution, but on the other hand there are no roads to use them and this can be often cause of accidents. Therefore it is necessary to create opportunities for multimodal transport, which facilitates movement and stabilizes traffic.

The experts in the field of transport discussed also the need to build appropriate infrastructure for local and inter-urban transport in the territory of Albania which can provide solutions to facilitate the traffic, but preserving the environmental parameters. During the discussion, were revised the main problems of local/ urban  transport targeted mainly at the targeted areas of the project and pointed out the difficulties involved in intermodal transport chain in this areas.

At the end of the meeting, they also discussed the need for local strategic mobility plans which create a great impact, strengthen the public transport system, increase consistency and movement standards, as well as the general public awareness. This will be one of the key players which will serve to the establishment of a database on intermodal practices which will be used to guide policy and environmental infrastructure in transport and tourism.

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