2013-09-22 | 2013-09-22

Albania - Local Mobility Day

Tirana 22 September 2013

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Ministry of Environment, Project “ Selea “, European Union Delegation, Municipality of Tirana, Shkodra and Fieri , environmental NGO-s organised together an activity within the finalization of the European Mobility Week, near the National theatre.

This event was an awareness campaign within the European Mobility Week with the theme " Clean air – It’s your move! “ , Which aims to raise the awareness of citizens to avoid at least a day their cars, which emit harmful substances, and as an effort to contribute in environmental protection.

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, as beneficiary of the project " INTERmodality model for the development of the Adriatic Littoral zone" (intermodal), joined this activity with the view of promoting green mobility and sensitization of citizens to use public transport, bicycle mobility and encouraging the use of intermodal transport models. The staff of our department decided that where the activity took place, to put a tent with the project logos that served to distribute leaflets, brochures and other promotional materials, as well as the completion of the questionnaires, which were translated into Albanian. Setting up tents served quite Intermodal project to promote her many visitors, as well as to raise the impact and results by completing the questionnaires.

Intermodal project through the activity "Days of Mobility", seeks to highlight the importance of awareness, as in many cities / other European countries as possible to create a "new culture of mobility." This event will encourage the public to reflect on transport alternative and its impact on urban air quality.

In their speeches, the Minister of Environment, Mr. Lefter Koka and the Mayor Lulzim Basha expressed their commitment to do their best in making and pursuing measures to minimize environmental pollution. They emphasized that all together should make something more for an ecological Albania, to have a legacy as we deserve, that is a clean place, and wished that this initiative could be accompanied by other ones. Mayor of Tirana, Mr. Basha who travelled by bicycle the boulevard "Martyrs of the Nation" said to the media that the Municipality of Tirana has made possible the construction of 7.3 km of new lanes for bicycles throughout the city. He also promised to extend the network of dedicated lanes for bicycles. These lanes increase security for citizens during the days with traffic.

While the end of the event, section leader in economic reform and infrastructure in the European Delegation, Francois Beugeot said "I am pleased that Albania is again part of the 12th edition of the European Mobility Week or as it is also called “mobility" .In the EU, around 100 million euro are spent every year just from people who remain in traffic with their cars. Naturally this is a concern for Albania too despite being a small country, and this concern has been growing", he said. He considered important the matter of the cooperation between the Ministry of Environment and Transport, as the solution to the problem for the quality of the air we breathe every day.

This activity took great importance, both in terms of its organization by all stakeholders, but also to promote it to the public. Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Environment prepared a joint press release distributed to the media. This event was published and released in almost all televisions in the country and in the daily newspapers of the market, as well in the information websites. This was a successful organization and is believed that it’s goals were achieved in the transmitting to the general public.