2014-09-16 | 2014-09-21

Ancona - Sustainable Mobility Week

During the Sustainable Mobility week, the initiatives taken by Conerobus were focused on the use of public transport and were aimed to improve knowledge on the intermodality of transport.
The initiatives referred to different aspects, such as tariff reductions for public transport, meetings, and public events.

The programme and the details of the activities were presented on September 15th at the press conference.

The press conference was held at the municipal building of Ancona in the presence of Pierpaolo Sediari, Deputy Mayor; Stephen Foresi, Councillor for Traffic; Tiziana Borini, Councillor for Education Policies; Lanfranco Jackets, President of Conero Park and Stefano Perilli, Councillor for Mobility and Parking .

On September 16th, Conerobus offered the discounts of 15% on a weekly tickets and on individual coupons for the urban area.
On the next day, there was the presentation of the Intermodal project.
The presentation was held at the Faculty of Economics, Polytechnic University of the Marche region, and was attended by Professor Francesco Chelli, Dean of students and Research Coordinator; Ida Simonella, Councillor for transport in the City of Ancona and Andrea Giacomelli, Intermodal Project Coordinator of Conerobus.

Among the general public, in addition to the usual participants of the Local Mobility Board meetings, there were also present television and print media journalists, local authorities, trade associations, consumer groups, environmental groups, transport unions and local tourism associations.

On September 19th, Conerobus attended the event on "soft mobility in Conero Park" which the Municipality of Ancona organized in the main square of the city – Piazza Roma - from 4 to 8pm. For this event, there was an information stand where a hostess handed out brochures and leaflets to promote the sustainable mobility.In the square there was also exposed a bus last generation.

Saturday - September 20th was the day when the main road inside the Conero Park, between Poggio and Massignano villages, was closed to traffic. Conerobus provided a free shuttle service with the possibility of loading bicycles on board.

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