2014-05-31 | 2014-05-31

Dubrovnik Local mobility

In line with the project INTERMODAL, on the day 31st of May in the offices of DUNEA, the first meeting for local mobility board of Dubrovnik Neretva County was held. The members of the board are key stakeholders from the field of transport and tourism for the Dubrovnik Neretva County area, which approved this initiative and confirmed their participation on the further mobility board meetings. The members are representatives of the Port authorities, road authorities, airport authorities, railway and bus operators,and the transport administrative authorities on County and City of Dubrovnik level-

The project foresee's also meetings open for the public. By the finalisation of the meetings the Board will have a draft version of the local strategic plan which can be of great significance for the local transport plan that is needed for major transport infrastucture projects in the project. After the initial phase of greeting all participants and the goals and acitivities of INTERMODAL, all board members presented their working background, problems and posibilities that are in line with the project.

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