2014-12-28 | 2014-12-28

Emilia Romagna Region - Mobility Day Event

The Mobility Day 2014 was organized, on an experimental basis, on Sunday December 28th.

Eta Beta, on behalf of the Tourism and Commerce of Emilia-Romagna, involved in the organization of the day the participants in the various mobility board carried out in the preceding months: the Municipalities of Ravenna, Cervia, Cesenatico and Rimini, the Province Rimini, tto, Start Romagna. It was decided - in this time of year - not to bet primarily on inter-train-bike (although in Cervia was possible to get the public bikes exit from the station) but the link train-city buses, thanks to the involvement of Start Romagna. A call level, for each of the locations involved were chosen special opportunity to visit: museums, Christmas initiatives, Cervia also at Nautical Club of Cervia (who had planned a free boat trip).

This was the proposal at a glance:

  • Two trains contemporaries for the morning of Sunday 28: the race of 9 Rimini-Ravenna and the race of 9.24 Ravenna-Rimini
  • Stroke Rimini-Ravenna, entertainment by the “Fratelli di Taglia”
  • Intermodality with bus rides (in Ravenna, Cesenatico and Rimini) and with the public bikes at the station (Cervia). In Ravenna, Rimini and Cesenatico were racing contemporary bus arrival of two trains, free for ticket holders of the train, which led to the various attractions.

Always in the days before the event, it was sent to the local newspapers (both in individual provinces that involved at regional level) a special press release, which is attached. Attached is also the press release of the outputs obtained.

Unfortunately, the morning of 28 December has seen unleashing heavy snow on the Adriatic coast, which effectively prevented a successful outcome of the initiative. Despite this, the ticket offices of Start have still recorded a dozen participants (divided on the two sections, Rimini-Ravenna and Ravenna-Rimini), and also at the Nautical Club of Cervia, there were some works.