2014-02-05 | 2014-02-05

Emilia Romagna Region - Second Project workshop

Organization of the second project workshop, "Tourism-moving Intermodal, information and transport on the Adriatic Coast. Starting again from Europe to the Riviera Mobile and accessibile” took place in Rimini, on 21st february 2014.

A good number of people - mostly professionals and stakeholders - took part in the appointment, important stage of two projects of the European Programme IPA ADRIATIC, Intermodal and Tisar, dealing with the relationship between tourism and transport Adriatic.

Thanks to the work of many "actors" of public and private - local and regional administrators, hoteliers, leaders of trade associations - the seminare allowed to make a point of the current situation and the results obtained so far by the two European projects, and to better understand the needs of associations and tour operators. The seminar was closed by the Tourism Major of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Maurizio Melucci