2016-03-30 | 2016-03-31

Last Intermodal Event

The last intermodal event took place on March 30th and 31st in Ancona and Jesi with numerous initiatives and the participation of all the partners involved in the project.

We started the event by signing the "Adriatic Manifesto" in the council hall of the Municipality of Ancona: an official document signed by all the partners involved in the project which shows the understanding and the will to promote the tourism in the Adriatic coast.

The day continued with the inauguration of a photo exhibition on public transport made by the Instagramers community at the bus terminal in Ugo Bassi Square, and the public presentation of some works of street art on the bus terminal itself and along the cycle path in Giordano Bruno Street performed by two artists, Hopnn and Yapwilli.

In the end, the technical part of the meetings where the project has been summarized, furthermore have been presented the results of the monitoring activity on the pilot actions.

On March 31st , the spotlights were turned on the Council Hall of Jesi, where there was the final conference of Intermodal presenting all the results obtained by the project. Then we moved in the historic centre to check some of the pilot actions carried out. In the evening, musical entertainment with the free concert by the Opus Jazz Quintet, which will bring on stage the show called “Escape” at the Moriconi theatre .