2015-09-19 | 2015-09-22


City form Croatia situated on Adriatic coastline during this year’s EUROPENMOBILITYWEEK organized two events.

Firs event was a bike event called “MOVE YOURSELF” organized with cooperation with a local bike club “Faust Frančić” on Saturday 19 of September, 2015. The rout was from the center of Šibenik (dock Vrulja) to a populated place Jadrtovac. The rout was a bit short, only 10km but the point of the event “MOVE YOURSELF” was made.

Also, up arrival, the participants were again remanded the importance of the use of sustainable means of transport and the benefit of that use on the environment and on their health. Total amount of participants was a little bit over 100. Second event called “LET’S DRAW MOBILITY” was held in a local kindergarten, “Pčelica”, where our smallest member of society gave their one presentation with artwork what for them means “sustainable transport”. The second event was held on 22 of September, 2015 and was held by 3 kindergarten teachers and about 35 kids participate.

SIBENIK 20150919 1

SIBENIK 20150919 2