2016-02-11 | 2016-02-11

Local Mobility Board Ancona

The international meeting was preceded by a Local Mobility Board organized by Conerobus on Thursday 11th at the NH Hotel, which was attended by representatives of associations and organizations of the panel members such as the City of Ancona, the Province of Ancona, the Marche Region, the Association of the Riviera del Conero, the Ente Parco del Conero and Trenitalia. During this last board, they designed the project communication activities and shared a letter of intent, the signature of which will be an essential part of the final event in March.

In addition, particular attention was paid to the sharing of instant reports produced through the input collected during the various previous meetings. Among the main objectives emerged, one of the most important was the need to exploit the attractions that the area has to offer, making them more easily accessible to tourists, but also to the locals. Other ideas, thanks to the contributions from private citizens and stakeholders, attracted the involvement of natural "users" of the metropolitan meeting places with the aim to enhance the identity of the LPT network, even from a graphic and visual point of view through contributions of "bottom up" such as that of street artists.

A further important objective identified was creating synergies to address the implementation of those projects of TPL which also affect other parties and the same infrastructure connecting networks of the territory; tis because even face a laborious programming work is certainly better than having to handle emergencies.

Of all these ideas and objectives, feasibility factors and the level of difficulty required were also analysed, according to different levers of intervention and the work of the various bodies involved in governance, regulatory and financial.