2013-12-12 | 2013-12-12

Local Mobility Board Vlora - 2013/12/12

The Vlora Municipality,  organised in line with Intermodal project a meeting which took place in Hotel Pavaresia on 12 December 2013.

The meeting theme was “Intermodal transport in Vlora City – discussion to identify the main answers to the needs and how to enhance the local system of transport.”

Many  local stakeholders participate in the discussion and focused on how to connect the field of transport and tourism and how to improve the local system of transport.

Three important issues discussed in this meeting  were:

-  The analysis of the main problems of the urban transport of Vlora city

- The identification of the weak links of the urban transport system and improvement of the arrangement.

- The discussion on the needs and the analysis of the data derived from the surveys.

Also questionnaires provided to the participants to fill out for the monitoring the project.