2015-10-30 | 2015-10-30

Mobility Day Valona

Mobility day was organized at Vlora City on October 30th 2015. In order to have more visibility, impact and be interested for national media, the activity was thought to have the presence of other actors from abroad. As a result in cooperation with Vlora University “Ismail Qemali” there was organized a mini championship with ex-footballer from Albania and Kosovo. The event was initially broadcasted to the national and local TV through announcement an TV spots. The activity was organized at the “Flamurtari” Stadium in Vlore town. The activity was open to the general public and was organized in the evening time. There were posters and banners at the stadium in order to increase the visibility of the project “Intermodal”. There were also distributed brochures and leaflets to the participants. At first through a microphone was presented the aim of activity and the project “Intermodal”. Then the activity continued with the football matches, three games in total, with 45 minutes each, with participation of “Flamurtari” team, “Tirana” team and “Prishtina” team. Between matches times through microphone were published the objectives realized by ‘Intermodal” project. There were also famous singers of Vlora town that performed in between football matches. High school students were wearing T-shirt with logo of the project and there were also distributed many other t-shirt to the participants of the event. The activity lasted 3 hours and there were about 500 participants there. The event was broadcasted by national and local media too.

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