2015-12-16 | 2015-12-21

Mobility Days Conerobus

On December 16th , as part of the Intermodal project, Conerobus organized a Mobility Day: a day dedicated to local mobility and new alternatives for public transportation.

The day began with a university lecture held in Aula Blue of the Contamination Lab, in the Faculty of Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Marche. The lecture was attended by "Science and Economics of Transport" students, Prof. Maurizio Bevilacqua -professor of engineering management-, and Prof. Emmanuel Gables.

In the afternoon, we organized two public meetings at the Informagiovani office in Piazza Roma attended by private individuals, associations, and members of the Local Mobily Board. The workshop was about two main topics:

  1. The analysis of critical issues, constraints and  proposals aimed at developing a more integrated local public transport to the artistic and cultural sites in the metropolitan area;
  2. The design of a new transport system able to fit the environment and enhance the tourist areas  of the territory.

The input collected during the meetings were then used by Conerobus for processing an instant report presented to the public on 21st December.

Among the most interesting proposals, we had the idea of ​​giving a most attractive name to the bus stops according to the place where they are and works by street artists.