2016-03-19 | 2016-03-20

Mobiliy Day 2016 and Pilot Project

19-20 March
Cervia – Cesenatico – Bellaria Igea Marina

As was done in previous years, the Department of Tourism of the Emilia-Romagna region has organized an intermodal testing day on the Adriatic coast, which is the Mobility Day.

Sunday, March 20, the Mobility Day has involved the cities of Cervia, Cesenatico and Bellaria, in a day full of events related to early spring. More than 40 people, after reaching by train one of the three locations, had freely available a bicycle outside the station to experience the city and the events throughout the day, and a series of facilities in visits to museums and to educational centers.

In conjunction with the Mobility Day, and always in the three beach resorts involved, on March 19 to 20 the Region also organized a "pilot project", whose aim was to create the conditions to test a formula of interaction between sustainable mobility and intermodality with tourism of the Adriatic coast.
The pilot project - which has primarily involved a "sample" of stakeholders (opinion leaders, journalists, administrators, tourism entrepreneurs) - had the aim to verify the implementation of integrated tourist offer, which is the proposal of a carnet of offers and that in the future should become stable and be proposed to the entire tourism market. The organization of the special project involved more than 60 people, 25 different organizations, six public and two private mixed public administrations, and was particularly complex.

Following analysis by the questionnaires received from stakeholders involved in the trial on the proposed tour packages, from telephone interviews with employees of the various companies involved (hotels, restaurants etc.), and especially from field experience, we can say that, on the issue of modality, the Romagna coast has everything, but many things are still disconnected. By contrast, the experience described by the various participants in the trial was very positive: the last 4 questions concerning the attractiveness of the experience, and the desire to advise replicability, all responded affirmatively.