2013-06-14 | 2013-06-14

Vlora (Albania) - Meeting

First Local Mobility Board -  Vlora Municipality Event

The aim of the creation of the LMB is the collection of inputs at local level. The meeting was thought to discuss research data with local stakeholders and collect inputs in order to draft Strategic Plans for intermodal mobility & also get feedbacks from grassroots on what is being approved & implemented.

The meeting was open to public in order to gather all relevant stakeholders operating in transport & tourism sectors at local level & to involve regional and local stakeholders. The theme of the first LMB of Vlora city was:

Enhance intermodality transport in the Vlora Municipality territories

Participants of the meeting were stakeholders at local level and citizens.
Please find the list here

During the meeting the participants discussed about the aim of the project, implementation and general management of the project.
Please find the Meeting minutes here