2014-12-05 | 2014-12-05

Vlora Mobility day

On 5th of December 2014 the Municipality of Vlora in collaboration with the Veteran Cyclist Association organized an open Mobility Day.

The aim of this day was to aware the citizen to avoid at least a day their cars using public transport or their bicycles. The staff decided to put a tent near the center of the city with the project logo which served to distribute brochures, t/shirts and other promotional materials.  All these to sensitize the citizens to use one of the Intermodal transport models. Also many cyclists traveled using bike from Vlora to Orikum city distributing brochures in many hotels, bars, restaurants and other businesses located in the main road Vlore Orikum.

We thought we reached the goal of this Mobility Day : encourage the people  to create and protect the city we want to live in. Less cars, more bicycles, fresh air, no traffic, no more noise.

Our street, our choice is the slogan which is focused on the effects of transport on urban quality of life and how we can redress the imbalance between space given to cars and space for cyclists and pedestrians.