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Vlora Municipality Forth Open Local Mobility Board

Presentation of Pilot action

The meeting was held in 20th of November 2015. The meeting was organized after a series of notifications and publicity made by local TV. The meeting was attended by different members of local civic LMB. Initially Mr. Ilir Banushi introduced some changes in the LMB are a result of some internal territorial organizations at Vlora Municipality. Since there are some changes in the Vlora Municipality and its territory has increase from the territorial reform, there were made some changes in the border of LMB. So  Mr. Ritvan Mersini, representative of Vlora Region has been replaced by Mr. Arben Leka from Orikum District, part of Vlora Municipality. LMB members who participated in the meeting were representatives of Vlore Municipality, Chamber of Commerce, Urban Park, University "Independence", the Association of Tourism Bus Association, Orikum unit, the Port authority etc. The meeting was opened by Mr. Ilir Banushi who after introducing structural territorial changes, in the municipality of Vlora, than orientated the discussion into the main purpose of the meeting. Bearing in mind that we are in the final stage of the project, said Mr. Banushi, we are here for the presentation of the pilot action. This  pilot action as we discussed earlier has to do with the information system that is offered to everyone who wants to visit Vlore Municipality. The project intends to offer unlimited information to every person inside or outside the country. The information is intended not only to serve simply to show the way but it is more important that he appeared different ways of transportation and everyone is free to choose. Then, Mr. Taulant Pjero did present the application and how it works in practice. Mr. Pjero also said that as the ultimate reference point is taken as the city of Vlora, and this serves as a final destination. The program presents several alternatives to arrive in Vlore town. Basically this application can be used by every person living abroad and offer to him/her different alternatives to the use of aircraft, railways, buses as well as his/her private vehicle. Transport by inland is considering the existing lines of interurban buses and vans which form the basis of internal transport, Mr. Pjero said. This is a dynamic program and after completion is the municipality of Vlora which should enrich it constantly. Then ing. Luan Gjomema presented the changes that take place in every public bus station in the city at about 8 different lines with respect to the information provided in each of them. He stressed out that no restrictions are made in urban transport lines operating public or private. The information base was the City Council's decisions on these lines. These tables will distribute information for intercity movement to other cities within the country.  He finished by presenting the electronic boards containing information with accurate location of bus stops and at what destinations can come from it, including timetables. The information is in both languages, English and Albanian. The information is also available in the form of leaflets placed on the selling points adjacent to stations to serve for each passenger. Then he exceeded the discussions. Representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, Mrs Merita Mahmutaj support this development and said that it’s an added value for the tourism. It is just what we were looking for in order to boost the foreign tourists. She made the remarks after transportation costs that appear in the program when determining an initial destination to come to Vlore is not completely real. Mr. Pjero said that these costs are as reference as they may vary. For instance, cost of a journey by plane is not fixed, but given the estimate and it serves as a reference for those interested or orientation. Mr. Fatmir Hodaj, citizen, suggested that would be more valuable if the electronic information should include the interior lines as well as international ones. This would make it more complete the application, he said. His idea was supported by the representatives of the Municipality and other members of the meeting. Mr. Pjero called valid and accessible this request and will serve as the basis of information that was presented for each station layout.

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Other participants also mentioned the maritime transport which is not included in this program. Mr. Banushi replied that at this phase in which the maritime transport is being mainly by ferryboat, it is difficult to give the necessary information as regular lines departs from the harbor. This transport has been little development in the past year but is sporadic and disorganized at the moment. The representative of Tourism Association in his speech demanded that the Internet site would be better to have more information about tourist facilities, restaurants etc. hotels, cafes etc. Mr. Pjero in his response said that in cooperation with the municipality of Vlora was decided to initially have basic information about archaeological sites, cultural institutions, etc. Then will be the municipality itself as the owner of the program to be decided how and in what way will include the information. We had about this topic and other discussions but it was decided that progress in relation to the local tourist information to be topic of another meeting if and after closing of the program. During the discussion was also mentioned the bus lines with Italy and Greece, in order to improve the actual situation as these lines do have temporary stations. There were also views that these lines are in some way involved because we are given information ferry schedules in which they operate, etc. The conclusions of the meeting was made by Mr. Ilir Banushi who thanked the participants for discussion and thoughts that made on behalf of the municipality of Vlora, and set as remarks the targeting and inclusion of remarks which were considered important for the pilot and possible action. The meeting was attended by about 150 persons. During the meeting leaflets, brochures and project evaluation questionnaries was distributed for participants.

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