2015-11-02 | 2015-11-02

Vlora Municipality Presentation of Pilot action technological application

Meeting with students at "Ismail Qemali" university of Vlore

The meeting was organized in the hall of the university on 2nd of November 2015. It should be emphasized that this University is the second largest in Albania with some 8,000 students. For this purpose, whether it was not scheduled on the agenda of the project, the “Change Centre " NGO and Vlore Municipality thought that such event with young people who have a particular focus towards the development would be fruitful. The forum was organized with close cooperation with the Faculty of Economics and mainly students of this university. The meeting was attended by members of LMB, Mr. Ilir Banushi, Mr. Robert Murataj, representative of the “Change Centre " NGO, Merita Mahmutaj representative of Chamber of Commerce of Vlore Region, Mr. Roland Aliaj representative of Tourism association, Mr. Julian Beqiri representative of the Public Transport Association, Mr. z. Arben Beqiraj, Deputy Mayor of Vlora Municipality. The IT pilot application  was presented by Mr. Taulant Pjero representative of the company.

Initially the representative of Vlora Municipality Mr. Arben Beqiraj, Deputy Mayor, introduced the actual state of the implementation of the project regarding the cooperation between local actors in the context of "Intermodal" project. Then the Representative of “Change Centre " NGO Mr. Robert Murataj stressed out the purpose of this meeting and what we expect to emerge from discussions. The representatives of the Company AEE, Mr. Taulant Pjero presented graphically the web site, its purpose and function. Then there were various discussions and questions were raised by students, the general infrastructure of the website, number of languages of the website, whether the access will be paid or not etc. This meeting organized with a particular social group was interesting because there were also specific discussions mainly related to movement during the tourist season. The entire discussion contributed to further improvement of the program but also as a basis of further cooperation between the two parties. As a conclusion, we can say that despite it was a meeting which has not foreseen previously in project agenda of implementing the program "Intermodal" it can be considered as a success, based on the interest shown by the youths and the active discussions during the forum.