Apulia Region-Mobility Department

Partner Profile

Since 1994 it has managed interna.partnerships with an adequate staff of professional human resources &experts.During ’00–‘06 managed EU funds of 72,8millionEuro within INTERREGIIIA Italy/Albania for 80projects&63,8millionEuro within INTERREGIIIA Greece/Italy for 81projects.Other proj:InterregIIIA Adriatic Cross-border Prog.,InterregIIIB ArchiMed,InterregIIIBCADSES&direct grants from EU  Programmes.Participating in partnerships &interna.integration &openness processes it acts like an engine of development promoting interna.competitiveness strategies of local areas&gives back  economic,social&cultural,local systems,a new centrality within a globalized &borderless space.Thanks to

experiences realized,it plays a strong &proactive role in promotion of initiatives able to involve European local areas of Mediterranean,new Member States,pre-accession countries.Mobility Department has developed portal on sustain.mobility,with info of local public transport at regional level,road safety in Apulia



Vito Ferrante -  Office Director
Add. Via de Ruggiero 58 70125 Bari
Tel. . +39 080 5405609
Fax. +39 080 5405614
Email v.ferrante@regione.puglia.it

Partner's experience in the field of intermodale and sustainable transport

The Mobility Department has been actively involved:

1)as Lead Partner,in Community Initiative Programme Interreg IIIB ArchiMed 2000-2006 (CY.RO.N.MED–Cycle Route network of the Mediterranean project) to define, by feasibility studies,the long distance cycle routes of EuroVelo and BicItalia networks through the partnership area;

2)as Representative of Measure,in the Community Initiative Programme Interreg IIIA 2000-2006 Italy-Albania for the management of several actions, such as:

  • infrastructure improvement of Bari,Monopoli and Otranto ports;
  • infrastructure improvement of Bari airport;
  • joint-venture between Durace and Bari ports.

3)as a partner in:

  • Interreg III B CADSES–TWIST Project(Transport With a Social Target) in remote areas;
  • Interreg III B CADSES–ADRIATICA Project(Adriatic-Ionian Transport Infrastructure Community Advance);
  • Interreg IIIB ArchiMed-SIMCODE.IGT(Spatial Impact of Multimodal Corridor Development in Gateway areas: Italy-Greece- Turchey)