Associate Partner

Marche Region - Transport Management Department

As Associate Marche Region will facilitate dialogue within Local Mobility Boards for the approval of Strategic Plans on intermodal mobility. Moreover, they will make their data and tools available for the research phase and supervise the planning and implementation of pilot actions to be in the Marche by granting a systemic approach on the region transport system and the necessary contacts and connections with other forms of transports and their authorities (i.e. the harbor and the airport) to be involved and sensitized within the project.


Roberta Ruggeri
Via Tiziano, 44, 60125 Ancona
Tel. 0039 071 806 3447
Fax 0039 071 806 3103


Municipality of Ancona

City of Ancona has to reconcile (the necessity regarding) the displacements of goods and persons, therefore interconnection of the territory, with the real capacity of its own territory to contain the externalities and impacts that these displacements are causing on urban environment and quality of life. For this reason, definition of an adequate Mobility Policy appears to be one of the basic steps for further development of each territory/city. As consequence, this implies the necessity to implement management models & infrastructure solutions that could facilitate & make efficient urban mobility, allowing at the same time mitigation of environmental impacts and improvement of life quality of each citizen. In the framework of INTERMODAL project Ancona support the LP Conerobus in developing locally the project activities. Particularly the City Board will provide its own knowledge, human resources & tools in order to better implement pilot action which Conerobus will implement.


Marco Cardinaletti 
Via Frediani 4, 60123, Ancona
Tel. 0712222673
Fax 0712222676