Conerobus - Public Company for Inter-Municipal Mobility

Partner Profile   - The company deals with local and inter-municipal public transport providing both ordinary and special services through buses, trolley buses, lifts and escalators, rental of touristic buses and drivers, systems for tickets issue and management, maintenance and repair, buses lines for schools, touristic lines. The company has dealt with restructuring of urban services, innovative trans-system based on quick lines, Automatic Vehicle Monitoring (AVM), unique tickets, unique tariffs for urban and inter-municipal lines and intermodal mobility (train/bus), touristic services based on full rental (bus and driver) provided to private and public institution (schools, churches, municipalities). Together with the technical capacities, the company also has competences in logistics, information systems and quality control. As ancillary services to the social activity also carries out market and benchmarking analysis, management and tourism promotion, planning, implementation and management of car parking lots and structures related to intermodal mobility. Conerobus corporate center and main logistics & maintenance structure is based in Ancona. The company’s car fleet counts 256 buses that runs more than 9 million kilometers per year and moves 18 million passengers per year among the urban and extra urban network. The company manages other 5 depots and maintenance sites located in Jesi, Osimo, Marina di Montemarciano, Castelfidardo and Filottrano. Conerobus employs 470 people and has a total budget of 35 million Euros per year.

Thanks to its direct experience of challenges and opportunities of mobility in the Region, Conerobus acts in close connection with Marche Region in the drafting and implementation of international projects, providing technical consultancy and data research and analysis for the drafting phase, together with logistic support in the implementation phase.”


Ing. Alfredo Fratalocchi  – Project Manager
Add. Via Bocconi, 35 , 60125 (ANCONA) ITALY
Tel. +39.071.2837426
Fax +39.071.2837433
Email. a.fratalocchi


Partner's experience in the field of intermodal and sustainable transport 

Conero bus is experiences in the following areas:

  • Development of electronic integrated tickets more attractive for end users & allowing company to have a clearer picture of buses use tested in 2000 on Montemarciano - Ancona urban line.Ongoing study for a regional electronic ticket service
  • Restructuring of urban services, innovative trans system based on quick lines Ancona - Senigallia, Iesi -Ancona, Iesi - Senigallia, interchange bus/train in Falconara, plan to reduce useless miles, services duplication,specific line to Iesi - Ancona Torrette Hospital, valorization of tourist lines to Senigallia & Palombina
  • Automatic Vehicle Monitoring: involves several Marche Provinces, Region Marche, local service providers, Milan Municipality, Emilia Romagna Region. Buses have electronic systems & GPS to monitor traffic & service; an operative centre assist in case of need, repair, accidents; electronic panels inform in real time on buses times schedule & service condition -Unique ticket & tariffs for urban & inter-municipal lines & intermodal mobility (train/bus)
  • Travel planning service