Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Albania

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The Ministry of Public Works and Transport is the public body institution in charge of the: Road transport activity, Maritime transport, Railway transport, Air transport and has the responsibility and competences to draft policies of transport field regarding market, operators, passengers, transport of goods, safety & health protection services through the prevention and minimisation of the roads accidents, etc.


Mission of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Albania (MPWT) is: formulation, application and monitoring of the policies, programs, norms and national standards of road infrastructure, transports, public services, space and housing planning, with ascertainment aim of a sustainable development and promotion for private investments and economic growth, considering used sources available in manner with productivity, effective and direct.

The most important agencies under the Ministry of Public Works and Transport are:

1-Albanian Road Authority (ARA)
2-General Directorate of Road Transport service (GDRTS) is an executive agency which offers road transport services to private and public subjects.
3-The Albanian Railways (ACHSH)
4-The international association of transporters ANALTIR, as member of IRTU (International Road Transport Union) cooperates with the competent bodies in charge of road transport and represents the interests of international road transporters.
5-Institutes of Transport (Seaport of Durres, Vlora, Shengjin & Saranda)


Mr. Florian Bilali
Add. Sheshi “Skenderbej” no.5, 1001,Tirana
Tel. + 355 4 2380734
Fax. + 355 4 2225196

Partner's experience in the field of intermodal and sustainable transport

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT) of the Republic of Albania:

  • Is currently under the last phase of the implementation of the project South East European Transport Axis Cooperation (SEETAC), financed by IPA 2007 Cross Border Cooperation SEE Programme.
  • Continued to participate actively in the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2004 for the development of the Core (Comprehensive) Regional Transport Network, and in the South East Europe Transport Observatory (SEETO),
  • Is in the last phase of the preparation of the STRATEGIC COHERENCE – FRAMEWORK, 2011-2013 (SCF). Subsequent to discussion with the European Commission in January 2010, the Government of Albania agreed a work plan for the preparation of a Strategic Coherence Framework and the Operational Programme, respectively for IPA Component III.