Municipality of Jesi

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Jesi has around 40.000 inhabitants &an extension of 108km2.Municipality has 300 employees and an annual budget of approx.40 million Euro.Its economic system is mainly based on  agricultural(wine,cereals,oil) and commercial(services,tourism) activities,but the industrial sector is really active and developed too.A very high number of SMEs play an important role for the economic growth.Energy &Climate Changes issue was always considered by municipality as crucial &important issue for sustainable development.The last five years Sustainable Development Department is progressively enhance and structured.Basically it faced all relevant problems connected with Sustainable

Development of the City,working in strictly connection with other municipality departments(mainly with the Urban Planning Mobility &Environmental department)


Fulvia Ciattaglia
Add. Piazza Indipendenza, 1 60035 Jesi
Tel. 0731 538524
Fax. 0731 538521

Partner's experience in the field of intermodale and sustainable transport

For about 10 years the Municipality of Jesi has been committed in an integration course of the mobility policies with other urban policies,in particular through adaptation of General Regulator Plan developed with the elaboration of Strategic Plan and the process Agenda 21’’

The administration is still promoting these actions for development of a sustainable &energy-efficient mobility:

Competences, capacity and know-how of the Beneficiary in implementing project activities and results.

  • Survey about movements home-workplace
  • “No stress parking”
  • “Pedibus”
  • Service “car pooling on line”
  • Service “Jesinbici"

What has been described so far underlines the ability of the Jesi administration to realize in these years an approach integrated with the sustainable mobility policies. This is an aspect the administration wants to share with the other project partners