General objective

Sharing sustainable mobility models based on intermodal transport to promote tourism in the Adriatic littoral zone.
Creating an international network to promote the development of sustainable transport policies and plans to promote tourism in the Adriatic littoral zone.
Improving the quality of local public transport in the Adriatic littoral zone and Contributing to the development and sustainable promotion of the Adriatic littoral zone.


Specific objectives

  • Promoting shared projects to define and put into practice Strategic mobility Plans, choosing sustainable and intermodal mobility strategies that fit the characteristics of the area
  • Working on the management of the public transport system in order to optimise the service and to integrate the systems in the area
  • Developing and testing sustainable intermodal transport systems at CBC level o Promoting shared projects to make intermodal mobility a resource for tourism development in the Adriatic littoral zone
  • Working with the various organizations of the transport sector (public and private transport companies, municipalities, regions, development agencies, chambers of commerce, associations, research organizations, tour operators, tourism offices, etc.). They will work in an international network in order to better local public transport policies and to create a tourism offer based on sustainable and intermodal mobility, share successful practices, inform people
  • Convincing people in the Adriatic region to reduce their use of private vehicles and to use more sustainable, intermodal, low-consuming and economical transport solutions
  • Encouraging joint actions aimed at developing new solutions for sustainable environmental development and intermodal transport, and promoting greater social inclusion
  • Promoting information campaigns about the project activities and communicating the results all over Europe in order to inform involved and not-involved areas


The project is articulated in 5 Workpackages including the several project activities:

  • WP1 - Coordination and management
  • WP2 - Communication and Dissemination
  • WP3 - Common Methodology for Research and Collection of Data and for CBC Dialogue
  • WP4 - CBC Dialogue for the Definition of common Strategies and Solutions for Sustainable Intermodal Urban Mobility
  • WP5 - Pilot Actions