Summary of the Project

INTERmodality MOdel for the Development of the Adriatic Littoral zone is a project, financed under the Second CfP of the IPA Adriatic CBC Programme.

INTERMODAL foresees the implementation of common activities aimed at identifying the best methods to foster effectiveness of local transport systems according to the needs of areas involved.

The project works on  intermodal and sustainable transport models in order to support the tourist vocation of the areas represented by the partners involved.

The aim of the project is to exploit the possibilities offered by intermodality to promote tourism in the countries overlooking the Adriatic sea so as to use intermodal transport and environmental sustainability seen  as drivers  of efficiency of the transport system and facilitators of tourism.

This will be achieved through a series of actions that will be developed in three interrelated strands:

  • Development of awareness on the issue by means of appropriate communication and information
  • Analysis of demand and transport needs to support the promotion of tourism
  • Implementation of pilot actions at local level

The partners  will work together on  the development of a sector international network and of related knowledge-base tools.

The platform will allow to store and share information collected by project partners and will be accessible to all the stakeholders, users of transport networks and institutions.

Some pilot  actions  will also be developed:

  • “call-a-bus” service, an on demand service in which changes of itinerary will be programmed by using interactive departure boards
  • train connections, integrated with bus
  • pass card bike sharing service & installation of multimedia informative panels
  • integrated transport by rail & tire on the littoral for young people & tourists
  • velo-station and car sharing facilities
  • intermodal connections to islands and strengthening of connections with remote areas.

To raise awareness on green and sustainable development policies,the final event will host the concert of Tetes de bois musical band performing thanks to the energy produced by a stage with levers hosting 128 bikes funded by Apulia Region.