A short list of activities carried out and on going, divided for WP, will follow:

WP1 - Coordination and Management

  • A project Steering Committee  and a project Technical Committee  were set-up with representative of each partner, to drive the implementation of project activities.
  • The first of the foreseen project meetings was organized: the Kick off meeting held in Ancona  Italy on 14th and 15th January 2013, was the first meeting occasion among all the project partners to discuss about activities to be realized.  
  • During kick-off meeting partners shared and collected inputs for a common methodology needed for WP3 research activities.

WP2 - Communication and Dissemination

  • The project Communication  and Dissemination Plan was developed. The document presents the project key message, the main communication objetives the tools through which those objectives could be accomplished,the target audiencesof project communication and the mechanisms to reach stakeholder,
  • Also promotional materials, leaflets and brochures,  was draft and be enriched with several information during the project life.
  • The project website was launched also that project partners, all the stakeholders involved and people interested can exchange their opinions and search for information.
  • Furthermore, during the Summer of each project year, we plan to organize awareness-raising Mobility days aimed at promoting "green" mobility solutions.
  • The first number of the project  Newsletter, with the most important news on transport strategies and policies at local, national and European level and uppdates on project activities, were already published in the project website and wull be costantly issued each two months.

WP3 -  Common Methodology for Research and Collection of Data and for CBC Dialogue

  • Partners identified a common methodology for research, analysis and for CBC dialogue. A skype conference  has been held in March 2013.
  • The research coordinator (FB8-Dunea) diffused a report on the best practices of intermodality at European level.
  • In the next days the research coordinator will work in coordination with each partner to develop specific questionnaires to be administered to a selected sample of final users at local level and a set of indicators to monitor local transport systems performances and level of satisfaction specific for each context.

WP4 -CBC Dialogue for the Definition of common Strategies and Solutions for Sustainable Intermodal Urban Mobility

WP5 - Pilot Actions

WP6 - CBC Networing for the Touristic Promotion of the Adriatic Area